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How to enter your Li_at (With or without the chrome extension)

By Derrick
May 25, 2023

⬇️ Prerequisites ⬇️

Before entering your Li_at, make sure that Derrick and your browser are connected through the same email address. If not, Derrick will not function properly. If you're unsure how to do this, refer to the following article: I can't connect my Li_at

What is Li_at?

Li_at is a session cookie used to log into users' LinkedIn accounts and perform scraping actions on their behalf. Without it, Derrick cannot perform the actions that require Li_at (you will see these features in the rest of the documentation).

❓How to retrieve it?

  • Directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator (video tutorial)

    1. Open your web browser and go to the LinkedIn website.

    2. Log in to your LinkedIn account using your credentials.

    3. Once logged in, right-click anywhere on the webpage and select "Inspect" from the context menu. This will open the browser's developer tools.


    4. In the developer tools window, click on the "Application" tab.


    5. In the left sidebar of the "Application" tab, expand the "Cookies" section and click on the LinkedIn domain.


    6. Under the "Name" column, locate the "li_at" cookie. This contains your LinkedIn li_at.


    7. Copy the value of the "li_at" cookie by right-clicking and selecting "Copy value" or manually selecting and copying it.

If you're not comfortable with these text instructions, here's a video tutorial:

How do I get and set LI_AT (1 min tutorial) - Derrick

And if you're using a browser other than the one shown in the video:

How to add your Li_at in Derrick? - Derrick

  • With Google Chrome extension

Installing the extension:

  1. Open Derrick on the Li_at entry page.

  2. Go to the Chrome Web Store using the following link:

  3. Install the LinkedIn Cookie importer for Derrick extension.

  4. On the extension page, click the "Add to Chrome" button to install it.

  5. A popup window will appear to confirm the installation. Click "Add extension".

Using the extension:

  1. Open Google Sheets with the Derrick extension and LinkedIn Sales Navigator on the same browser.

  2. Make sure you're logged into your LinkedIn account on Sales Navigator.

  3. Click on the extension icon, which should appear in the browser's toolbar. If it doesn't appear, click on the puzzle piece at the top right of your browser, then LinkedIn Cookie importer for Derrick.

  4. If the conditions are met, a pop-up will display your LinkedIn li_at.

  5. Use the designated button to copy your li_at to the clipboard.

  6. Paste the li_at into the input field on Derrick.

Once you have entered a valid Li_at, you can enjoy all the data features of Derrick 🎉

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