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I can't connect my Li_at

By Derrick
May 25, 2023

Before entering your Li_at, make sure that Derrick and your browser are connected through the same email address. If not, Derrick will not function properly.

Check if Derrick and your browser are connected to the same accounts:

  1. Open your web browser and make sure you're logged into your Google account. You can verify this by checking your profile or ensuring that you have access to your Google services like Gmail.

  2. In your browser, search for and open Google Sheets.

  3. In Google Sheets, click on the "Extensions" tab in the top menu bar.

  4. Look for and click on the Derrick extension in the list of installed extensions.

  5. The Derrick sidebar should appear on the right side of your spreadsheet. Ensure that you're logged into Derrick by checking if you can access its features and options.

  6. Compare the account displayed in Derrick with the one you're logged into in your browser. Verify that the associated email addresses are identical.

That's it! You have now checked if Derrick and your browser are connected to the same accounts. Make sure to always stay logged into the same account on both platforms to ensure Derrick functions properly in Google Sheets.

To synchronize your accounts:

  1. Log out of both Derrick and your browser account, if you are currently signed in.

  2. Log in to your browser account using the appropriate credentials.

  3. Launch Derrick and ensure that you are signed in using the same account details as your browser.

  4. Verify that both Derrick and your browser are connected to the same account by checking the account information within the settings or preferences of each application.

  5. Once the synchronization is complete, you should be able to successfully paste your li_at and utilize Derrick without any further issues.

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