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How to use Remove Duplicates ?

By Derrick
May 25, 2023

This feature allows you to identify duplicates between two different Google Sheets.

⬇️ Prerequisites ⬇️

  • 2 sheets containing at least one column with a similar header (e.g., a "Fullname" column in each sheet)

🟡 How to use it?

  • Open Derrick

  • Click on the Remove duplicates feature in the "Tools" tab of the homepage

  • Select the first Google Sheet to compare from the first dropdown

  • Select the second Google Sheet to compare from the second dropdown

  • Then check the columns you want to compare between the two sheets (Note: To compare two columns, they must have the same header name)

  • Click Remove

📺 If you haven't fully understood how the Derrick's Remove duplicates feature works, I recommend watching the following video 📺

Google Sheets Highlight Duplicates (4 minutes tutorial - FR) - Derrick

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