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How to use Enrich profiles ?

By Derrick
May 25, 2023

⬇️ Feature Prerequisites ⬇️

  • List of LinkedIn profile URLs

This feature cannot be used without a valid li_at.

🔵 How to use it?

  • Open Derrick and Sales Navigator.

  • Enter a valid li_at (How to do it?).

  • Go to the "Enrich LinkedIn profiles" feature in Derrick.

  • Select the header column name corresponding to your LinkedIn Profiles URL column from the dropdown menu.

  • Click on "Enrich".

  • Let Derrick do the rest! You should see the results of your scrape appearing in your Google Sheet. 🏖️

📺 If you didn't fully understand how the enrichment feature in Derrick works, I recommend watching the following video tutorial (in French) 📺

Lead Enrichment from Linkedin (3 Minutes Tutorial FR) - Derrick App

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